Everyone has the capacity to care for something or someone; it is part of our human makeup. Whether everyone has the capacity to be a caretaker, however, is a different matter entirely. (Just to clear up any confusion - I am not referring to a buildings maintenance person, but rather…

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How do you find a silver lining? We have all heard the phrase: every cloud has a silver lining. What does it really mean and how do we find our own silver linings when everything around us seems grey? In my experience, they tend to appear when I least expect…

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What does that even mean? For me, there are certain behaviours that seem to come instinctively: caring for other people, being busy, working all hours of the day and night, maximising every single moment so there isn’t even so much as a minute being wasted. That’s all well and good,…

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facing our fears

People often describe me as fearless which is obviously not true. I understand why this trait is attributed to me, but I would say not risk-averse or courageous are more accurate descriptors. As an actor, writer or any kind of self-employed creative professional, it is impossible to survive in work terms, if you are scared…

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