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Classic building blocks Creative Contemplation I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, even though it often takes hindsight to recognise, and I tend to look at life's lessons as building blocks upon which to create our next chapter. Religious building blocks - apple & honey to bring…



#WALKIT with pride… I received something in the post last week which got me thinking. I was reminded of how it used to feel being given a badge for an achievement at swimming or brownies, or even how it felt to earn my LAMDA medals. Now firmly fixed to our…

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It certainly wasn’t the plan for my site makeover to take so long. That said, there are a few rather poetic aspects of the timing of my relaunch. Aside from syncing up nicely with World IBD Day 2021, and the world finally opening up after all this time in pandemic…

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Last week, May 19th, was World IBD Day - a day which covers five continents across the globe, in a bid to support the ten million people currently living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Led by charities and patient support groups, the global hashtag for World IBD Day is #BreakTheSilence, which…



And we're still adjusting My last post was all about the chaos the world has been beset by, under the spread of COVID-19. While the death toll continues to rise, and the number of cases increases by the minute, we still seem powerless to this awful virus. Yet an odd…

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This may seem like an extreme word to use, but read the definitions - all five of them - and tell me they don't apply to life right now. Or, at least, what we face in the near future. Unreal Wandering around Morrisons yesterday felt a lot like entering a…

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525,600 MINUTES

525,000 moments so dear Anyone who is familiar with musicals will recognise this as a lyric from Rent's most well-known song.- Seasons of Love. So, will this be a post about romance? Could it be a post focused on the quantitative value of the past twelve months? Or will I reminisce about…

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A Year In Review

It's customary I always write a post to mark the end of one year and the start of another. For whatever reason, the turning of the calendar never fails to prompt reflection and review. Despite paying little attention to New Year’s Eve from a celebratory perspective, there is no escaping…

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All In The Feedback The most common feedback I tend to get – both from friends and strangers – is that my strength and positivity are amazing. I used to think that being strong and positive was simply my default setting. To a degree, I still believe that to be true. On the computer, we are always…